Intel LGA 1200 CPU Socket

Intel LGA 1200 CPU Socket

Intel LGA 1200 Socket : 10th Generation (Comet Lake) and 11th Generation (Rocket Lake) Intel Desktop Processors use the LGA1200 socket. LGA 1200 CPU Socket was released in 2020.

LGA 1200 is designed as a replacement for the LGA 1151 Socket. LGA 1200 is a land grid array mount with 1200 protruding pins to make contact with the pads on the processor. It uses a modified design of LGA 1151, with 49 more pins on it, improving power delivery and offering support for future incremental I/O features. Pin 1 position remains the same as it was in previous generation processors, but it has shifted socket keying to left (previously it was right), making Comet Lake processors incompatible both electrically and mechanically with previous chips.

Socket LGA1151 vs Socket LGA1200

ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte and MSI have confirmed their motherboards based on the Intel Z490 chipset support the 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake desktop CPUs. Full PCIe 4.0 support is confirmed for selected brands. ASUS did not include support to PCIe 4.0 on M.2, hindering support for PCIe gen 4.0 NVMe SSDs.

Chipset Z490, H470, B460 and H410 supports the Intel LGA 1200 CPU Socket.


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