Z490 Chipset Motherboard

Z490 Chipset MotherboardZ490 Chipset Motherboards are designed to support Intel Process having LGA 1200 CPU Socket.Z490 Chipset FeaturesSupports 10th ...

Intel LGA 1200 CPU Socket

Intel LGA 1200 CPU SocketIntel LGA 1200 Socket : 10th Generation (Comet Lake) and 11th Generation (Rocket Lake) Intel Desktop Processors use the ...

intel cpu socket types list

What is Intel CPU Socket and its Types, listIntel CPU Socket and its Types list : A CPU socket uses a series of pins to connect a CPU’s processor to ...

How to buy RAM?

What should I look out for when buying RAM?The latest generations of DDR4 RAM clock in at around 2,400MHz. Gamers will want DDR4 memory that operates ...

Types of RAM

Are there different types of RAM? Yes, there are multiple types of RAM. As with other forms of computer hardware, scientists are always trying to ...

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